Monday, November 29, 2010


well, i've written on most people's blogs about this, but i've changed my blog to
thank you for all the comments on this blog, but my new blog will have new stuff and will be the one i use from now on.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


SORRY! I guess I'm making this a big deal, but I feel so bad for not blotting the past couple of days. Blame school, not me :) But honestly, I feel like a letdown and a failure for not updating this. So many random things come to my mind but I never have time to share and expand on it. HOWEVER, I did get the Blogger app on my phone and despite the fact that I've rewritten nd retyped words many times in this post (touchscreen is hard), I am determined to keep posting. So, I'm back.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

under construction!

well, i'm trying to spice up my blog, add a little things here and there to make it more interesting and fun :)
i've added more pages:

Home: you're reading it ;)

About Me: well, it's a little mini bio about me. 

Listen Up: this is a section where I talk through pictures. i'll put up quotes, songs, pictures, to describe my week. it'll have my current obsessions & my incessant rants. :) i'm super excited about this section!

Book Reviews: well, they're book reviews. unfortunately, i don't read as much as others do, so this section won't be updated quite as often as the others. but feel free to check it out & also, give me recommendations! (i'm pretty picky)

My Story: a place where I share my story as I write it. comments are welcome! and again, this won't be updated as much.

so what do you guys think? cool?



I wouldn't call this a dream. or a wish. or even a hope. It's more of a thought, a desire...something I've wanted and actually (kind of) believed in. This might sound stupid and inane, but I don't mind. It's the way I think.
Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be the eccentricity...the odd one out. I imagined myself as a girl adopted, with a Greek mother and a German father. At the age of 2, my parents had tragically died (something non cliche, of course), leaving me to be taken by another family...a family I'd grown to love. It was all inside my teeny, tiny head. My parents kindled with me and played around for a while. "Yes, we found you on the streets during our honeymoon", but after a while, I had to relinquish this "fairy-tale". I was just like everybody else. I was no different.
Although I'm older (and somewhat more mature), I've nullified the fact of adoption. Instead, I just hope I look different from the rest of my family. I don't want to look like my mother, father, and especially my sister (whom people says looks very much like me). Instead, I want to be the "unique" one.
Not only in myself, but I see flaws as beauty in others too. The ruffled, messy hair is sexy. A mole is beautiful. Two different colored eyes are stunning. Thick eyebrows are gorgeous. 
Usually, parents have to deal with  children nagging them with "this" or "that" so they can be part of the "in crowd". My parents, however, have to put up with me and my peculiar thoughts.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 Things I Want To Say...

*Ugh. I have no effin idea how I'm going to survive or what I want to do with life. I try my best and sometimes that's  not enough. I''m scared. What if I slack off too much? What if I do things wrong? What if it's too late? I'm freaking out because this is my last year to get things right. I don't wanna be the person everyone expects so much from, but then disappoints. Because that would suck. I want to be the person who surprises them all, including myself. I want to be strong, confident, amazing. I want to be perfect. So, help me. Help me please.

*Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for everything. Many, many, many times I "doubt" you, but you never disappoint. You're always here for me. Sometimes you get angry and you know what, I deserved it. Sometimes I don't get what I asked for...what I needed, but you know what, it's always for the best. I'm the selfish one. You're the one that's the most kind, the most grateful, the most just. Thank you for staying by my side. I know you'll always be here.


Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Words I Can't Use For A Day...

Um. This is weird. I don't actually have a notion of what this means, but I'm going to assume today's the day I tell you guys the words I use the most. Hm. Let's see...

1) like (very bad habit. need to stop using)
2) stop (but it sounds more like "stooooooop" in a whiny voice. this is a reference to my little sister who pesters me on every little thing)
3) I don't know (sometimes when I'm not in a mood to talk, I use this incessantly in a "whatever" tone. this drives my mom crazy.)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

4 Memories I Won't Forget...

1) Summer 2008. The summer my whole family from both my parents sides (10 uncles, 4 aunts, & their spouses & their kids) all reunited for the first time. It was the last summer I saw my grandmother & one of the best summers of my life.

2) 2008-2009. Freshman year of high school was amazing. I miss it.

3) My sweet 16. 

4) All my trips to Pakistan.

There are so many more. These are just a few I'll never, ever forget.