Sunday, September 12, 2010


SORRY! I guess I'm making this a big deal, but I feel so bad for not blotting the past couple of days. Blame school, not me :) But honestly, I feel like a letdown and a failure for not updating this. So many random things come to my mind but I never have time to share and expand on it. HOWEVER, I did get the Blogger app on my phone and despite the fact that I've rewritten nd retyped words many times in this post (touchscreen is hard), I am determined to keep posting. So, I'm back.

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Anonymous said...

That's great. Keep us posted. :)

Lane :) said...

i hate it when school overwhelms me and i feel like a horrible blogger. :(

johanna said...

Following you! Hope you'll follow me back

karla camille foronda said...

It's good you're back! Ive read your blog and you got a nice blog coming here:)
keep on posting!

try to visit my blog too.thank you:)

Lex said...

same thing happened to me :)

freesia said...

Keep working hard on school!!!!