Sunday, September 5, 2010

under construction!

well, i'm trying to spice up my blog, add a little things here and there to make it more interesting and fun :)
i've added more pages:

Home: you're reading it ;)

About Me: well, it's a little mini bio about me. 

Listen Up: this is a section where I talk through pictures. i'll put up quotes, songs, pictures, to describe my week. it'll have my current obsessions & my incessant rants. :) i'm super excited about this section!

Book Reviews: well, they're book reviews. unfortunately, i don't read as much as others do, so this section won't be updated quite as often as the others. but feel free to check it out & also, give me recommendations! (i'm pretty picky)

My Story: a place where I share my story as I write it. comments are welcome! and again, this won't be updated as much.

so what do you guys think? cool?



Anonymous said...

It's cool. :)

:) said...


MZ said...

uhhhhhhhhhhh hahah okay so i just did the same listen up page thing except with differnt name and stufff lollllllll wow totally ddnt steal ur idea ;P