Tuesday, August 3, 2010

when the whole world is walking one way, would you follow or make your own route?

Thank you Jerry Wang and David Filo. Because, today, on a Friday, like any other day, I was scrolling the bottom of the "News" application on Yahoo!, when I came upon the article,"Anti-mosque protests on the rise, say Muslim advocates". Thank you Mr. Wang and Mr. Filo, the creators of Yahoo!, because today, I got a little preview of the unfair legislation of the United States of America.

The article, masterfully recorded by Liz Goodwin, talks about people's, including former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's, contention to the buildings of mosques. Three mosques, located in NY, CA, and TN, have gotten belligerent responses from the media and the people to an extent that they are not even allowed to be built anymore.

Where is our nation heading? I mean, as Americans, we're guaranteed the freedoms of speech, petition, press, assembly, and of course, religion. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, they're all the same - everyone needs a place of worship. Why should one minority group be targeted? Well, it shouldn't.

I'm surprised that this issue hasn't gotten much attention. And of course, I'm even more surprised and find it satirical that of all people in opposition to the mosques, Ms. Palin is one of them. I mean, what makes Ms. Palin appealing to the people, is the fact that she knows thefeeling of being walked over by the world. (*cough* Bristol & her child controversy *cough*). So, I would have assumed Sarah would have been more sympathetic.

I was appalled by this article, and once again, the media has left an impact on me. Let's make a difference. This might not be the type of cause you specifically bolster, but open your eyes, because somewhere, right now, something might be worth fighting for. Hold up you head. And walk the other way. Every step makes a difference.

Thank God it's Friday. Because today, I saw the world a different way.


p.s.-another irony! today, the dominant story of my local newspaper featured the controversy in my neighboring town, Leesbury: county supervisors are trying to stop all religious displays,including Christmas trees, ont he grounds of the courthouse. 

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