Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what if you could decide your own destiny & create your own path. what would you choose?

Many people believe that's once a year, there's a "Night of Freedom", a night to ask for forgiveness, strength, health, happiness, love, courage & opportunities. It's a time to pray to God for anything and quite possibly, everything. Why? Because it's the night where God plans out & writes down everyone's destiny for the next year. He writes the joys, the despairs, the births, the deaths, the successes, and the failures. 

It's a scary thought, yet one so beautiful and exhilarating. Anything I could desire, and possibly receive. If I could wish right now for anything, so much comes to mind, but here, I have comprised a list of the top 10 things I would want if destiny was in my hand.

1) happiness. happiness for the world, my friends, my family & myself.

2) good, solid, & healthy life for my friends & family. in the last two years, both my grandparents (my mom's parents) passed away. my two living grandparents, whom I love so much, well, I want the best for them. my grandma is sick (suffering from alzheimer's), but i have faith in her to get better.

3) patience for the world. people these days (me included) get angry at the slightest nuances. it's a shame. guns & war aren't the answer. patience is the panacea, the cure-all remedy for everything to anything.

4) success for not only my family & friends, but to everyone who have been hit by this omnipresent depression.

5) an education, especially a good one, to all. (this, of course, is a referral to third world countries who can't afford to create schools & libraries). the fortunate ones need to help.

6) no more natural disasters. please.

7) togetherness. a sense of family is being lost. kids are arguing with parents. parents are abusing kids. kids are leaving the house when 18. parents aren't caring. what's with this pathetic, nonchalant attitude from both sides? well, it needs to stop. 

8) stop all forms of prejudice: stereotypes, racism, cliques, etc.
people need to stop looking at  what other people do, how they dress, & how they looks. really, why does it matter?

9) the new england patriots should win another superbowl.

10) 10 more wishes. 


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