Tuesday, August 24, 2010

facebook, you're kinda scaring me

Every time I log onto facebook, I peruse the status updates, in hopes of finding some "juicy" gossip (which, yes, in some cases makes me that typical facebook stalker). However, nowadays, I've been stuck reading statuses that say "new car soon!", "licenseeee in [insert number days]" or "need behind the wheel who doesn't check hours!". Well, as "entertaining" as these may seem (I'm being sarcastic of course), my first recoil is of...fear. It's quite plausible that I'll see my fellow classmates, the same classmates who are known for their notorious reputations as either "druggies", "partyiers", or "the spoiled rich kid who gets everything they want", driving on the same road my parents are. I don't know if that's only me and my inane thoughts, but I'm kind of fearing this whole teenage driving.
I'm 16, so yes, I obviously understand the whole notion of the freedom and individualism that comes packaged in with a license and car. But I'm also a teenager who understands the careless & perilous decisions we're bound to make like texting while driving, listening to the radio, or driving under the influence. Now every time I sit in the car with my parents, I get a mini heart attack because I'm worried who'll be driving on the road. I'll say it, loud and clear: I do not trust anyone, whether they're 4.0 GPAs or the "stars of the football team" or even my best friends. No, I don't trust any 16 year old. :/
So, dear Virginia, change the driving law to 18...and as much as you guys are going to hate me for this, sorry. But truth is is that I kinda sorta want to live.



Anonymous said...

That's true. Be vigilant, that's the key. Here in the Philippines, 18 is the driving age. :)

Good luck to you.


allysonkate said...


There are so many careless drivers, and the thing is... sadly... age doesn't change that! When I first started to drive (about 3 years ago) I was terrified! I tensed up every time!

All YOU can do is be super careful, so that you can try your best to avoid the stupid drivers. :]

Nice blog!!