Friday, August 27, 2010

10 days left till junior year...

Crisp collars Mini skirts. Newly dyed hair - whether it's blond, brunette...or yes, purple. Growth spurts. Excessive makeup. Coach purses. New boyfriends. This is what you see when you enter orientation day at school. It's hard to find any girl in her own pristine face and body. Instead, everyone's just a bunch of fakes. Could three months off really do that much?
I don't know what about the start of school that make people change for the worst - they become materialistic and superficial. Today, I even found myself putting on mascara & wearing contacts & slipping on my new pair of gladiators...something which I didn't do last year, at all. But I'm just a derivative of what the other girls did. Everyone was different and superficially happy that it was enigmatic and kind of creepy.
The thing is that the first days of school, we all try to incite a new light on ourselves...and honestly it's not for the better. It's not about getting more organized or getting better grades. In fact, most of the mornings of our first couple of weeks are spent straightening our hairs and putting on makeup just to look prettier than the next girl. Girls. We're all really selfish and haughty.
And the thing is that for most of us, this doesn't endure for long. Within in the next couple of months, we start looking like our old [true] selves: our haircut grows out, our clothes become the norm. We don't stand out anymore. It's only about 2% of the student body at high school that stick to the paths they've diverged. They're the "popular" ones, the ones everyone envies, the ones everyone tries to be at the beginning of the year.
Why do we do it? Well, I do it in the hopes of changing. I want to supersede the life I have already. I want to become better and have more friends and look "pretty fly". Well, the desire is terse. In just a couple of days, I let go of my morning routine of putting on extra mousse or applying eyeliner. Instead, I return to the girl I originally was/am. The one who reads and studies and just relaxes. That's the true me. I guess what they say is true, never change yourself for others. Because, honestly, it never works anyway.


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Anonymous said...

Holy shit I totally agree with you. I go to an all girls school so it's really not that much trying to impress each other with looks but more with guys. The more you did over the summer the more popular you are. We have like a brother school type of thing where it's an all guys school and that's when you see the superficiality (no idea if that's a word, ha) come out in all the girls, even I catch myself making much more of an effort to impress. You're right, it never works, after a while people learn to see past the fake. Great post. ♥