Thursday, September 2, 2010

"there's always gonna be another mountain. i'm always gonna wanna make it move. always gonna be an uphill battle. sometimes i'm gonna have to lose"

The sun blinded my eyes
The wind slapped by face
The rain soaked my hair
Yet I climbed.
My father’s yells thundered my ears
My mother’s tears flooded my mind
Yet I climbed.
His words broke my heart
Her actions lost my trust
Their lies were bullets to my heart
I needed to escape; I needed to climb.
My past is an incessant nightmare
My future a wounded trail;
With nothing to lose
Nothing to gain,
I hitch my bag
Tie my shoes
And I climb.
Just me by myself
I climb.



Anonymous said...

Did you write this? It's beautiful. If you did write it, you are very, very talented!

:) said...

yes, i wrote it & thank you so much :)