Saturday, August 14, 2010

if the fear of being unlucky is paraskavedekatriaphobia, what's the fear of being lucky?

Luck. I have no idea how it works nor will I ever know. Today [oh wait. yesterday -- this is what happens when I blog late at night] was Friday the 13th. Although I'm not a steadfast believer in the superstitions, I was in search of black cats, ladders, and broken glass throughout the day. Instead, I spotted my neighbor's orange striped cat walk across our driveway & saw my dad, standing in the middle of Wachovia Bank, being applauded by all the tellers and customers. Oh boy. Just my luck. 

Apparently, my dad's name, out of one in a million, was drawn from a raffle. With that, he won an iTouch. I tagged along with him when he went to receive the gift, and was forced to stand there, as my dad took pictures with the manager. He smiled. Well, I should be happy, right? Absolutely not. My family is cursed. Yes, they're cursed. Because they always have the luck. Always.

In the past year alone, my dad's won a gift card to Macaroni Grill, a dvd player, and a great deal on a car. My mom, inadvertently, always ends up winning at every game: whether it's UNO or BINGO. My brother has this physic yet scintillating ability where he knows when he's going to win (case in point: he told by dad to put his name in the raffle box & he could predict the XBOX he was going to win from camp). My sister, well, she's the youngest. Hence, every prize we win, whether it's chocolate, a bookmark, or *cough* iTouch *cough*, she always ends up getting. Ugh. Not fair.

The enigma is how it all works. How on earth, out of the 1239082339802 people, does my family get it all? I don't know. I'll never know. But I guess that's okay. I shouldn't be complaining: I get free stuff without doing anything. It's a dream of the average human.

Well, you might wonder, where I fit in. Well, I'm the eccentricity. I don't have the family magic. I'm clumsy. I'm contagious. And I always end up guessing the wrong case in "Deal or No Deal". So me = not lucky. Not. At. All. However. Yes, however. I have this knack with Clue. Every single time I play that game, I always end up winning. Every time. Every where.

Luck. I have no idea how it works.


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