Tuesday, August 3, 2010

end this fever, please.

Today, I was insolently interrupted when my 12 year old sister barged into my room, overly elated and hyperventilating. That could mean two things: either she had just won the lottery (which I had highly doubted, seeing we hadn't bought lottery cards in months) or she  --

"JUSTIN BIEBER IS STARRING IN HIS OWN MOVIE!" my sister shouted (and the caps only is a derivative of what her actual voice sounded). She started dancing and talking in her super fast preteen language, while I just gave her a cursory glance & prayed an end to this "Bieber Fever". Who cares about a 16 year old boy who's barely reached puberty & has dog-like hair? Alot of people, I guess.

Apparently, Justin Bieber is coming out with an autobiography, which will then be turned into a 3-D movie. Did he go through a rough childhood? No, he was famous by age 12. Was he bullied in school? No, he's always had his skater friends. Did he have a problem with girls? Of course not. He's asked out Rihanna and had a photoshoot with Kim Kardashian. Well, by the looks of it, JB is a teen sensation & Hollywood's pretty boy - so, why the heck do we need to spend millions of dollars to broadcast his popularity? I don't know.

Justin Bieber. You can't even leave a grocery store without seeing his face (a great honor, I know). But February 14th, Valentine's Day, thousands of girls, including my sister, will be staring at the 80 ft tv screen, their mouths wide open, their hearts beating a tad bit faster as each looks at her future husband, the great and wonderful, Justin Bieber. 


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Lex said...

Hahahahaha. This cracks me up. Justin Bieber is so cute though. lol. I mean, I'm not a real fan or anything, I just find it so hilarious that he's so popular. Because like you said, he hasn't even gone through puberty :D