Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 Friends Who've Made A Difference On Me...

(In no specific order), these are my friends that have made an impact on me. There are so many, so it was hard to choose just 8. But it was random. So, here it goes...

1) Betsy
2) Anam
3) Megan & Kelly (just had to put the twins together :)
4) Maleeha
5) Swathi
6) Joy
7) Alexa
8) Rmaah



MZ:) said...

ummmmmmm im not on this list.... :(((

AA said...

well, MZ (hm...i wonder who that could be :p) U ARE ONE OF THEM :D u were just too special to be put on the list <3

MZ:) said...

hahah good save